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Whenever I see news of Cecil the Lion, an episode of M.A.S.H. always springs to mind. Episode 10 of season 6. It is the one where there is a stray dog running around the camp, that all of the cast take turns sneaking scraps to. Near the end, Houlihan, who had been spending the entire episode riding Nurse Cooper to toughen up and stop breaking, starts to break down herself down after hearing the puppy had been killed earlier. She tries to hide it and run to her tent, but is followed by Hawkeye who says he had seen her feeding the puppy all week. She snaps at him  that she doesn’t break down.

“I’ve got people dying all around me. You think I’d get upset about a dog getting run over? Why would I get upset over… a little… dog.”

Here she completely breaks down.

Sometimes, what you see people breaking down over, what they are sharing being upset over, is not all there is to it. We face a lot of pain in this world. The “strongest” seem to stand up and fight continually without wavering. Eventually, everyone has to break. The one thing that causes the flood of emotions may seem small in comparison to all that is around us. But sometimes when you are crying over the dog getting killed in the middle of a war zone, it is not really just the dog you are crying over.

I started doing anti-violence/anti-rape education about 10yrs ago. It was like yelling at stone, most of the time. And it was like being stone a lot of the time as well. You are surrounded by images and information of horrific happenings, but just crumbling into a big mess about it all the time helps no one. So you are strong. You do what you do to keep going. The emotions are almost too strong to feel. They are a block. Until a dog gets run over. Or a lion gets murdered by a rich dentist for his sport. Then you feel yourself welling up with tears, and you want to run into a dark corner where you can just cry for a little while. You see the videos of people being shot down in cold blood by those with authority and uniforms. The news stories of children dying. And you think “I’ve got people dying all around me. Why would I get upset over one little lion?”
But sometimes when crying over a dog getting killed in the middle of a war zone, it is not really just the dog you are crying over.


Welcome to The Crab Bucket

I am tired of people of the working class fight amongst themselves. Especially when some are trying to fight for better work conditions, whatever they may be. The America we currently live in is developing a deeper chasm between the poor and the rich. The rich have never been richer, and the poor have never been told more to “Suck it up”. They keep shipping jobs off to countries with cheaper labor, and leaving more and more unemployed here to fight over what jobs are left. And instead of holding corporations accountable, fight we do. And a lot of us take crappy jobs that are no where near what our career goal was for low pay and little to no benefits. And we are angry. But we do not take out the anger at the companies and the share holders that put us in these positions. We take it out on each other. We tell teachers they are lazy, their jobs are easy, and they are not worth a living wage. We say “We are poor, so you should be too,” and “Our taxes pay your wages,” without being fully aware of how much of our taxes are NOT going to teachers, or other low-mid level workers, salaries. Instead of trying to boost the spending power of the average citizen, and the quality of all employment by helping to create jobs that people want and are safe that other jobs may have to live up to to woo the workers they wish to have, we tear each other down. “You should be happy just that you have a job,” and “If it is so bad, people would/should just quit” are the same arguments robber barons and big money supporters used in the Industrial Age’s 16 hour day/6 days a week work schedules and high on the job mortality rates. The same arguments they used against passing of labor laws that saved lives, prevented children from working in dangerous factories, made employees practically human. All those things early unionizers fought and died for. The big money men of this country have been working hard to take us backwards, before these hard won things existed. We turn on each other, all the while, fat cats wring their hands and lick their chops while watching us do so in anticipation of the feast that they will enjoy at our expense. Welcome to The Crab Bucket.

The Crab Bucket. Crabs in a lidless bucket will, quite literally, keep each other down. In the race to be the crab on top, they do not focus on going up, but latching on to one reaching the top to keep it from ever achieving its goal of getting out, and pulling one another down with the rest of them. Those who are about to make dinner out of the crabs need not even cover the bucket. The crabs will do all the work keeping each other in, making sure none get out, and all are cooked. The grabbing of each others limbs and the physical pulling may be metaphorical amongst humans, but the keeping each other down is quite literal. more –

We, the laborers, the wage workers, the ones not at the top of the ladder, we need to stick together. We need to support each others efforts for jobs worth fighting for. We need to endure a little inconvenience, or occasionally a LOT of inconvenience, to show that we will not tear each other down for the fat cats benefits, but will tolerate a bit of suffering in the immediate to make things better for us all in the end.

Explaining Porn Watching With Science!

It’s a compulsion, not an addiction. And not so different from compulsive shopping, gambling, interneting, etc.

The Sexademic

In 2008, the Mayo Clinic published a case study of treating compulsive sexual behaviors with pharmaceuticals:

A male patient first presented to a psychiatrist (J.M.B.) at age 24, with the explanation, “I’m here for sexual addiction. It has consumed my entire life.” He feared losing both marriage and job if he could not contain his burgeoning preoccupation with Internet pornography. He was spending many hours each day chatting online, engaging in extended masturbation sessions, and occasionally meeting cyber-contacts in person for spontaneous, typically unprotected, sex.

The story is a familiar one. A young man seeking sexual activities outside of his marriage or relationship experiences guilt because of his compulsive behaviors. He feels he cannot stop and is at a loss for solutions. He wants to be good, by whatever measure his culture dictates, but feels he can’t.

The term “sex addiction” is the new darling of sensational media. The narrative…

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Safe Sex: Choose your own condom adventu

Safe Sex: Choose your own condom adventure.
From the nice people at Planned Parenthood LA –

Sparkly Devil

The Adventures of the Terminally Snarky

I’ve been staring at the title of this post for about 20 minutes, now, and it’s not working. It’s not writing this post for me. It’s not finding any words. It’s not bringing my much-loved, talented, brilliant, and complicated friend back to life. I would prefer, out of the listed options, the last one.

So I guess I’ll just start writing.

Sunday afternoon I returned home from the movie theater to see that a friend had posted to Facebook: “FUCK THAT.” Being generally in favor of such sentiments, I commented, “WORD.” But then I checked in privately, and was informed that Sparkly Devil, internationally renowned burlesque performer, journalist, and all-around fantastic person, was killed in an auto accident on Highway 101 Saturday night.

My righteous indignation about the Star Trek sequel disappeared.


When I first met Sparkly, I was appalled. She was loud, brash, fierce, socially intimidating to my not-so-inner…

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I Am Pro Stripper/Burlesqueteer/Hooter Girl

I Am Pro Stripper/Burlesqueteer/Hooter Girl

From my original post on FB

I am Pro Stripper/Burlesqueteer/Hooter Girl –

Apparently, I have been banned from commenting or liking on the Equality for Women page and all my comments deleted. I can only assume it is for my comments on the post about women working in restaurants like Hooters. This post specifically mentions “The Tilted Kilt.” His argument is that such jobs are degrading. My argument is thinking that a woman who is sexualized is degraded is the degrading part. A woman should be able to be sexual, for work or play, and not be shamed, or pitied, or thought of as less human for it.
I am pro-sex and pro-sex worker. I think a woman should be able to be sexual and sexualized without it being synonymous with degradation and objectification. And I sure don’t think men should be demonized for the perfectly natural act of liking women’s bodies, unless doing so automatically makes the man start treating the woman in a degrading fashion.
And if you are looking to fight against sexist imagery in our society, take a look at the ads that surround us daily we barely notice affect us anymore. I believe the images in every day advertising are degrading to woman in a way that actually has a negative effect on gender equality in our society. Most perpetuate sexist ideas and make them feel like the norm in much worse ways, very real ways, than people claim that places like Hooters does.

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I just can’t believe they named their f

I just can’t believe they named their food after a movie where a kid had to blow away his own beloved dog, then that same food killed other peoples beloved dogs.

Fear Of The Dark: Is It Really Irrational?

I once watched a documentary on fear of the dark. They asked tribesman in Africa why they thought people were afraid of the dark. The man simply replied “There are lions in the dark”.
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About The American Vegan

One Million Emails

One Million Moms get in an uproar at JC Penny’s response to their response to having Ellen as a spokesperson (featuring a lesbian couple and their children in their catalog). At the bottom of their pouty page, they have a link to email them if “If you see a commercial or program which is offensive”. Think we could get one million Americans to email them with the address to this very page?

I say we find out. One Million Moms Morons , the email link is on the bottom of the page.

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