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Welcome to The Crab Bucket

I am tired of people of the working class fight amongst themselves. Especially when some are trying to fight for better work conditions, whatever they may be. The America we currently live in is developing a deeper chasm between the poor and the rich. The rich have never been richer, and the poor have never been told more to “Suck it up”. They keep shipping jobs off to countries with cheaper labor, and leaving more and more unemployed here to fight over what jobs are left. And instead of holding corporations accountable, fight we do. And a lot of us take crappy jobs that are no where near what our career goal was for low pay and little to no benefits. And we are angry. But we do not take out the anger at the companies and the share holders that put us in these positions. We take it out on each other. We tell teachers they are lazy, their jobs are easy, and they are not worth a living wage. We say “We are poor, so you should be too,” and “Our taxes pay your wages,” without being fully aware of how much of our taxes are NOT going to teachers, or other low-mid level workers, salaries. Instead of trying to boost the spending power of the average citizen, and the quality of all employment by helping to create jobs that people want and are safe that other jobs may have to live up to to woo the workers they wish to have, we tear each other down. “You should be happy just that you have a job,” and “If it is so bad, people would/should just quit” are the same arguments robber barons and big money supporters used in the Industrial Age’s 16 hour day/6 days a week work schedules and high on the job mortality rates. The same arguments they used against passing of labor laws that saved lives, prevented children from working in dangerous factories, made employees practically human. All those things early unionizers fought and died for. The big money men of this country have been working hard to take us backwards, before these hard won things existed. We turn on each other, all the while, fat cats wring their hands and lick their chops while watching us do so in anticipation of the feast that they will enjoy at our expense. Welcome to The Crab Bucket.

The Crab Bucket. Crabs in a lidless bucket will, quite literally, keep each other down. In the race to be the crab on top, they do not focus on going up, but latching on to one reaching the top to keep it from ever achieving its goal of getting out, and pulling one another down with the rest of them. Those who are about to make dinner out of the crabs need not even cover the bucket. The crabs will do all the work keeping each other in, making sure none get out, and all are cooked. The grabbing of each others limbs and the physical pulling may be metaphorical amongst humans, but the keeping each other down is quite literal. more –

We, the laborers, the wage workers, the ones not at the top of the ladder, we need to stick together. We need to support each others efforts for jobs worth fighting for. We need to endure a little inconvenience, or occasionally a LOT of inconvenience, to show that we will not tear each other down for the fat cats benefits, but will tolerate a bit of suffering in the immediate to make things better for us all in the end.