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I Am Pro Stripper/Burlesqueteer/Hooter Girl

I Am Pro Stripper/Burlesqueteer/Hooter Girl

From my original post on FB

I am Pro Stripper/Burlesqueteer/Hooter Girl –

Apparently, I have been banned from commenting or liking on the Equality for Women page and all my comments deleted. I can only assume it is for my comments on the post about women working in restaurants like Hooters. This post specifically mentions “The Tilted Kilt.” His argument is that such jobs are degrading. My argument is thinking that a woman who is sexualized is degraded is the degrading part. A woman should be able to be sexual, for work or play, and not be shamed, or pitied, or thought of as less human for it.
I am pro-sex and pro-sex worker. I think a woman should be able to be sexual and sexualized without it being synonymous with degradation and objectification. And I sure don’t think men should be demonized for the perfectly natural act of liking women’s bodies, unless doing so automatically makes the man start treating the woman in a degrading fashion.
And if you are looking to fight against sexist imagery in our society, take a look at the ads that surround us daily we barely notice affect us anymore. I believe the images in every day advertising are degrading to woman in a way that actually has a negative effect on gender equality in our society. Most perpetuate sexist ideas and make them feel like the norm in much worse ways, very real ways, than people claim that places like Hooters does.

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